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Talley Genealogy & History

Talley is an Irish surname, from the Gaelic O'Taithligh, a patronymic surname meaning son of Taithleach, a personal name meaning peaceable. Ireland, like England, was invaded by the Normans, who greatly influenced their culture and political structure after the conquest in 1172. The surname was first found in the kingdom of Tyrone, in northern Ireland. Talley family history entered the New World in 1636, when Eliza Talley sailed to Virginia. Talley genealogy lays claim to a few notable people, such as Vogue fashion expert Andre Talley, New York publisher Truman Talley, and Arizona Cardinals defensive end Ronald Talley.

Talley Birth Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
Aaron Talley-- --, 1909August 29,1988AL
Bailey Talley-- --, 1898June ,1982VA
Callie Talley-- --, 1907February ,1984OH
Daine Talley-- --, 1985April ,1986MD

Talley Death Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
E Elvera Talley-- --, 1916March 29,2004Irving,TX
Fannie Talley-- --, 1900March ,1976Mebane,NC
G Therma Talley-- --, 1915September 16,2004Scottsburg,IN
Hal Talley-- --, 1902February ,1971Bethel,OK

Talley Marriage Records

NameSpouseMarriage DateLocation
Allen TalleyTheda DenningSeptember 18,1948Wake, NC
Chalrie TalleyVirginia StanleyNovember 26,1974Wake, NC
Daniel TalleyRachel BrittDecember 2,1962Wake, NC
Fred TalleyCarla PearsonMarch 14,2003Harrison, TX

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1068th: Rossi1069th: Holley
1070th: Kay1071st: Courtney
1072nd: Kimball1073rd: Woodruff
1074th: Crow1075th: Luna

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