Tapp Family History

Tapp Surname Origin

The Tapp family history boasts an English origin that dates back centuries to the early Pipe Rolls of 1194, when the family first settled in Dorset.

Tapp Genealogy, Meaning & History

Tapp genealogy provides a long history of this family name in England and beyond. First seen in Dorset, the name appears to have originally derived from an Old English word that was used as a nickname for a tall, thin person. The name was thought to describe individuals with these characteristics, although it may have also been used as a topographical name to refer to individuals living in the English areas of Taplow, Tapners and Tappington. Early records of the name date back to the 12th century with the early Pipe Rolls, but is also seen in the Subsidy Rolls of Worcestershire just a short century later. There are ample spelling variations of this relatively short surname, including Tapps, Tabb and Tabbs.

Tapp Immigration History

Tapp family history spread throughout England early on, and gradually moved into other areas of Europe as well. As Tapp families faced religious oppression and other challenges in England during the 17th century and beyond, many families began looking to the New World as a land of freedom and opportunity. Despite the need to sail across the ocean in crowded ships with little food or resources at their disposal, Tapp genealogy migrated to America as early as the 17th century. Some of the earliest records of Tapp families landing in the New World include Edmund Tapp, who made his way to New England in 1639, Thomas Tapp, who settled in Virginia in 1643 and Margaret Tapp, who sailed into Virginia in 1699. As additional Tapp family members made their way to the United States over the next two centuries, some made significant contributions to the development of this country.

Famous People Named Tapp

Darryl Tapp - Darryl Tapp (September 13, 1984 - ) is a professional football player who plays defensive end for the Philadelphia Eagles, after being drafted by the Seattle Seahawks in 2006.

Gordie Tapp - Gordie Tapp (June 4, 1923 - ) is a Canadian entertainer who may be best known for his creative contributions to the television series Hee Haw, where he wrote and performed.

Alex Tapp - Alex Tapp (June 7, 1982 - ) is an English futbol player who was a midfielder for the Milton Keynes Dons, formerly Wimbledon, before moving to the Austin Aztex, where he is currently playing.

James Tapp, Jr. - James Tapp, Jr. (September 9, 1977 - November 26, 2003) was a rap performer better known by his stage name Soulja Slim. Tapp had achieved success on his label, Master P's No Limit, before getting killed outside his mother's home at the age of 26.

Tapp Fun Facts

  • Number of Tapp's in the US: 455822
  • Average Lifespan of Tapp's: 70
  • Tapp is the 5010th most common name in the US

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