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Tatum Genealogy & History

Tatum is an English locational surname from the village of Tatham near the city of Lancaster, which is in Lancashire in northwestern England. The village name comes from the Old English given name Tata and hame, which means a settlement or farm; combined, they mean Tata's farm. Tatum family history starts with William de Tateham, who was entered in the Pleas before the King at Yorkshire in 1208. Some well-known members of Tatum genealogy include prominent actor and model Channing Tatum, long-time Disney senior executive and chairman Donn Tatum, and geneticist and Nobel laureate in biology Edward Tatum.

Tatum Birth Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
Aaron Tatum-- --, 1935April 12,1997AL
Baldura Tatum-- --, 1902April 25,1995NY
Cabe Tatum-- --, 1935November 29,2005TX
Dabney Tatum-- --, 1898June ,1980MO

Tatum Death Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
E Glover Tatum-- --, 1913June ,1983Falls Church,VA
Faires Tatum-- --, 1882October ,1972Ozark,MO
Gabriela Tatum-- --, 1942January 31,2008Kenner,LA
H Wade Tatum-- --, 1920August 10,2001Corpus Christi,TX

Tatum Marriage Records

NameSpouseMarriage DateLocation
Alfred TatumStella AveryDecember 4,1965Wake, NC
Bryan TatumNicole StellSeptember 19,1997Wake, NC
Harvey TatumSally LaneJanuary 12,1952Wake, NC
Joseph TatumGladys HarrisFebruary 14,1954Wake, NC

Most Common Surnames After Tatum

1449th: McCracken1450th: Hadley
1451st: Spangler1452nd: Hackett
1453rd: Barnhart1454th: Rucker
1455th: Ervin1456th: Carrillo
1457th: Gee1458th: Rainey

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