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Thomas is a name especially popular in Wales but also found in England, France, Germany, Netherlands, Denmark and India. The name derives from the medieval personal name, the Biblical Aramaic "Toma," meaning twin; its biblical roots determined the Th spelling, as in the Greek New Testament the "th" is a theta. The family motto is "I dduw bo'r diolch" meaning "to God be thanks". The Thomas genealogy traces back to Owen Glendower, the Lord of Glyndwyrdwy and the Prince of South Wales in the 1300s. In America, the Thomas family history began in Virginia in 1653.

Thomas Birth Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
A Alfred Thomas-- --, 1917January 20,1993MD
Bennie Thomas-- --, 1929August 29,1994GA
C Chacko Thomas-- --, 1928May 19,1999NY
D Adele Thomas-- --, 1925November 3,2002MA

Thomas Death Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
E Allen Thomas-- --, 1927August 8,1998Bunker Hill,WV
Frederick Thomas-- --, 1932December 6,1994Trenton,NJ
G Al Thomas-- --, 1924September 18,2008Bow,WA
H Benton Thomas-- --, 1915February ,1986Warrensburg,MO

Thomas Marriage Records

NameSpouseMarriage DateLocation
Edward ThomasMary DavisNovember 28,1935Wake, NC
Floyd ThomasVirginia ClarksonFebruary 16,1933Wake, NC
Gathron ThomasGeorgia HarrisFebruary 21,1931Wake, NC
Harold ThomasEdith UzzleSeptember 6,1931Wake, NC

Most Common Surnames After Thomas

15th: White16th: Clark
17th: Harris18th: Jackson
19th: Lee20th: Lewis
21st: Hall22nd: Walker
23rd: Young24th: Nelson

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