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Thornton, an English, Irish and Scottish surname, describes people who moved from Thornton, a village in Lancashire, Lincolnshire, Yorkshire (England), or Mearns (Scotland). Derived from Old English "thorn", meaning thornbush, and "tun", meaning enclosure/town, the name Thornton was bestowed when the village grew thornbushes to keep raiders out and cattle in. Thornton family history traces back to Peter Thornton and the Lords of Ince in Cheshire in 1066, while American Thornton genealogy started in the 1630s in New England, Maryland, and Virginia. The family motto, "fideli tuta merces", means "rewards go to the faithful", and the coat of arms has three hawthorn trees.

Thornton Birth Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
A Grace Thornton-- --, 1921January 27,1993IA
B Hatcher Thornton-- --, 1912February 8,2002MI
C Kenneth Thornton-- --, 1920January 4,1998OK
Dade Thornton-- --, 1923April 17,1998NY

Thornton Death Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
E Earl Thornton-- --, 1914August 24,1990Bloomfield Hills,MI
F Eberle Thornton-- --, 1912December ,1982Des Moines,IA
G Corlett Thornton-- --, 1918March 22,2003Colorado Springs,CO
Hairett Thornton-- --, 1894September ,1986Union Springs,AL

Thornton Marriage Records

NameSpouseMarriage DateLocation
Ben ThorntonDoris ClaibornJuly 5,1935Wake, NC
Eugene ThorntonLucille AdamsFebruary 3,1933Wake, NC
Gary ThorntonSylvia AyscueSeptember 23,1978Wake, NC
Julian ThorntonMary KirbyNovember 28,1936Wake, NC

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333rd: Simon334th: Ramsey
335th: Kramer336th: Frank
337th: Weiss338th: Barber
339th: Brady340th: Cross

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