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Tipton Genealogy & History

Tipton is an English name with two possible derivations. First, there is an ancient village in West Midlands called Tibintone, probably derived from the given name Tibba and the suffix tun, meaning settlement. Secondly, many in Tipton genealogy likely descend from the Norman noble Tibetot (Thibaudeau, Tibaudeau), who held a feudal manor in Shropshire, and whose descendants were Baron Pain de Tibetot and Lord John de Tiptoft, the Earl of Worcester. The first recording of the Tipton name was in 1549 in Shropshire. Tipton family history also includes spelling variations Tibetot, Tiptaft, and Tiptod. The first Tipton to emigrate to America was Edward Tipton to Maryland in 1668.

Tipton Birth Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
A Keith Tipton-- --, 1916November 19,1989OK
Ballard Tipton-- --, 1907May ,1981IA
C Nadine Tipton-- --, 1945October 16,2009VA
Dahlia Tipton-- --, 1898July 18,1991NC

Tipton Death Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
E Lee Tipton-- --, 1924July 11,2002Doniphan,MO
F Eileen Tipton-- --, 1920January 6,2003Brownwood,TX
G Robert Tipton-- --, 1917March 2,2008Oceanside,CA
Hada Tipton-- --, 1887December ,1976Friendsville,TN

Tipton Marriage Records

NameSpouseMarriage DateLocation
Bradford TiptonJayne HamiltonJune 16,1984Wake, NC
Charles TiptonKirsten FrazierNovember 19,1999Wake, NC
Dane TiptonGeralyn RiojasMarch 11,1994Wake, NC
James TiptonKelly TevepaughJune 13,1992Wake, NC

Most Common Surnames After Tipton

1191st: Burris1192nd: Ames
1193rd: Groves1194th: Stahl
1195th: Lam1196th: Rosenthal
1197th: Nicholas1198th: Elkins
1199th: Rouse1200th: Metcalf

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