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Tomlinson Genealogy & History

Tomlinson is a very ancient name stemming from the pre-Roman Aramaic Tomas, meaning the twin. Although Thomas was the doubting apostle, the name has enjoyed surprising popularity spanning centuries. Tomlin means the kin of Thomas, and Tomlinson is therefore a double patronymic meaning a son of the kin of Thomas. It is also seen as Thomlinson. Early Tomlinson family history records one of the first settlers of this name as Edward Tomlinson who settled in Virginia in 1637. Notable members of the Tomlinson genealogy include Trent Tomlinson, an American country music singer-songwriter; and Ray Tomlinson, the American originator of the @-separator used in e-mail addressing.

Tomlinson Birth Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
A Louise Tomlinson-- --, 1924October 28,2003TX
Bama Tomlinson-- --, 1917March ,1987TN
C Dorcas Tomlinson-- --, 1922November 7,2006OR
Dagmar Tomlinson-- --, 1914March 8,1993WI

Tomlinson Death Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
E Jean Tomlinson-- --, 1928June 21,1999Carlsbad,CA
Fairy Tomlinson-- --, 1905May ,1995Vernon,TX
G Ilene Tomlinson-- --, 1920December ,1986Portland,OR
H Frank Tomlinson-- --, 1914September 2,2000Hampton,AR

Tomlinson Marriage Records

NameSpouseMarriage DateLocation
Anthony TomlinsonValjean WilsonJuly 28,1984Wake, NC
Bobby TomlinsonElnora EvansJuly 26,1974Wake, NC
Clearthur TomlinsonTessie StokesNovember 1,1969Wake, NC
Ernest TomlinsonMargaret HunterDecember 8,1949Wake, NC

Most Common Surnames After Tomlinson

1138th: Magee1139th: Greenwood
1140th: Connelly1141st: Hutchison
1142nd: Connell1143rd: Foreman
1144th: McDonough1145th: Larkin
1146th: Tompkins1147th: Couch

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