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Toth Genealogy & History

Some historians speculate that the surname associated with the Toth genealogy originated from two possible sources. One interpretation cites the Old Hungarian word for Slovak as the primary source for the surname Toth. Another equates the etymology of Toth to the Old German word for death, Tod. The word Toth can also refer to the Hungarian word Tothorszag, meaning a Croat living on the northernmost part of Croatia. Notable individuals from the Toth family history include Hungarian poet Kalman Toth, Hungarian-American sculptor Peter Wolf Toth, journalist and author Jennifer Toth, figure skater Taylor Toth, and Hungarian triathlete Zsofia Toth.

Toth Birth Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
Ada Toth-- --, 1912May 2,1996CA
Bailey Toth-- --, 1909October 29,1989OH
Calvin Toth-- --, 1891January ,1969PA
Daisy Toth-- --, 1909April 27,1992PA

Toth Death Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
E Leslie Toth-- --, 1928April 1,2000Leesburg,FL
Fannie Toth-- --, 1913December 10,2001Macedonia,OH
G William Toth-- --, 1922July ,1986Grosse Ile,MI
Harold Toth-- --, 1923May ,1985Allentown,PA

Toth Marriage Records

NameSpouseMarriage DateLocation
Douglass TothShelley BrocksmithNovember 9,2002Wake, NC
Gary TothJoy CoureyJune 14,1971Wake, NC
Larry TothSusan JamiesonFebruary 14,1981Wake, NC
Robert TothLinda WoodwardOctober 21,1989Wake, NC

Most Common Surnames After Toth

1426th: McHugh1427th: Caruso
1428th: Kearney1429th: Engle
1430th: McMullen1431st: Vazquez
1432nd: Vogt1433rd: Suarez
1434th: Hoskins1435th: Land

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