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Townsend is an English name given to someone who lived at the far end of a village, the town's end, derived from Middle English "tun", meaning village, and "ende", meaning end. Townsend family history dates back to feudal times in Norfolk, where they were the Lords of the Snoring Magna (Great Snoring) manor. Early Townsend records are also found in Yorkshire, and subsequently other northern England localities. Spelling variations include Tonsend, Tounende, Townen, Townshend, and Tuneshende. The family coat of arms displays three silver escallops (scallop shells), signifying peace and long journeys. The first name-holder in American Townsend genealogy immigrated to Massachusetts in 1630.

Townsend Birth Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
A Leroy Townsend-- --, 1926January 4,2009OK
B Wayne Townsend-- --, 1924August 18,2006SD
C Fern Townsend-- --, 1886October ,1977NY
D Wyvonne Townsend-- --, 1931February 22,2003PA

Townsend Death Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
E Delzelle Townsend-- --, 1913March ,1984Battle Creek,MI
F Aileen Townsend-- --, 1916March 16,1998Fort Myers,FL
G Harlan Townsend-- --, 1915November 8,2003Salisbury,MD
H Glen Townsend-- --, 1925January 21,2001Palm Beach Gardens,FL

Townsend Marriage Records

NameSpouseMarriage DateLocation
Arthur TownsendGrace ToddMay 21,1972Wake, NC
Berry TownsendSarah PowellApril 5,1942Wake, NC
David TownsendMargaret SmithMay 20,1950Wake, NC
Eugene TownsendLinda PriceFebruary 4,1966Wake, NC

Most Common Surnames After Townsend

404th: Buchanan405th: Cannon
406th: Curry407th: Malone
408th: Hess409th: Mullins
410th: Hogan411th: Strickland
412th: Patton413th: Patel

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