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Trahan Genealogy & History

Trahan is a French name. It was originally derived from the word Traire, which means to sketch or draw. It most likely began as an occupational name, given to someone who drew silk thread out from cocoons. Two branches of the Trahans in Trahan family history were nobility; one was in Tours, the other in Rouen. Trahan genealogy in the Americas probably begins with Guillaume Trahan, who came to Port Royal, Acadia (an area that includes parts of modern-day Quebec and Maine), from Bourgeul, France, in 1636.

Trahan Birth Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
Aaron Trahan-- --, 1922December 12,2003LA
Barbara Trahan-- --, 1939December 6,2003CT
Caesar Trahan-- --, 1898April ,1967LA
Daily Trahan-- --, 1917November 5,1992LA

Trahan Death Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
E Charles Trahan-- --, 1920October 5,1995Maurice,LA
Famon Trahan-- --, 1913April 10,1993Port Arthur,TX
Gabe Trahan-- --, 1908October ,1985Lake Arthur,LA
Harold Trahan-- --, 1934August ,1987Battle Creek,MI

Trahan Marriage Records

NameSpouseMarriage DateLocation
Edward TrahanDolores CogerDecember 2,1968Wake, NC
Ronnie TrahanKatherine GriffinJuly 10,2004Wake, NC
Zachary TrahanRachel PenticuffApril 2,2006Travis, TX
Willie TrahanArmandina ZamarripAugust 9,2003Liberty, TX

Most Common Surnames After Trahan

2319th: Stack2320th: Keener
2321st: Byrnes2322nd: Scarborough
2323rd: Moe2324th: Vann
2325th: Cornwell2326th: Starks
2327th: Zeigler2328th: Mullin

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