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Tran Genealogy & History

Tran, the second-most common Vietnamese name, is also English and Scottish. The English derivation is uncertain: from Middle English "trayne" or Old French "traine", meaning trap describing a trapper/hunter, or locational describing someone living along the Trent River in Dorset, or from Old Norse "trani", meaning crane and describing someone with a long neck. In England, Tran family history dates back to a feudal manor in Somerset, and their motto, "augeo", means "I increase." Noted name-holders are the 13th-century Vietnam emperor Tran Thanh Tong and South Vietnam president Tran Van Huong. Tran genealogy began in America in Virginia in 1635.

Tran Birth Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
Aaron Tran-- --, 1985November 7,2008KY
Bao Tran-- --, 1943April 8,1995TX
Ca Tran-- --, 1938May 6,2010TX
Da Tran-- --, 1921October 21,2001CA

Tran Death Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
Elena Tran-- --, 1967August 24,2002Hilo,HI
Felix Tran-- --, 1938July 3,2009Fountain Valley,CA
Gai Tran-- --, 1925June 13,2000Derby,KS
Ha Tran-- --, 1947January 29,2002Arlington,VA

Tran Marriage Records

NameSpouseMarriage DateLocation
Anh TranHoa PhanNovember 19,1977Wake, NC
Daniel TranElizabeth GivensJuly 22,2000Wake, NC
Minh TranHong NguyenApril 9,1988Wake, NC
Jerry TranPhuong BuiJune 10,2002Wake, NC

Most Common Surnames After Tran

485th: Kirk486th: Berger
487th: Kirby488th: Patrick
489th: Greer490th: Bass
491st: Joseph492nd: Summers
493rd: Castillo494th: Huff

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