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Trent Genealogy & History

Trent is an ancient British name in use even before the Romans arrived in England. It comes from the names of a few rivers, originally from the name Trisanton, meaning through a road and likely called such because the streams flooded those passages. It might also be locational, from the village of Trent in Dorset. Trent family history begins in 1327, when Gilbert de Trent was enrolled in the Charters of Somersetshire. Some notable members of Trent genealogy are widely-traveled basketball player Gary Trent, author and President John Trent, award-winning figure skater Derek Trent, and British singer-songwriter Jackie Trent.

Trent Birth Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
Aaron Trent-- --, 1914October 1,1997WV
B Hampton Trent-- --, 1918May 30,1992VA
C Curtis Trent-- --, 1925February 27,2007OK
Daisey Trent-- --, 1927December 12,1998IN

Trent Death Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
E Dean Trent-- --, 1952January 15,1998Dallas,TX
F Marie Trent-- --, 1934December 12,1996Rogersville,TN
G Ruth Trent-- --, 1925January 3,2001Church Hill,TN
Haley Trent-- --, 1923April 3,2007Sun Valley,NV

Trent Marriage Records

NameSpouseMarriage DateLocation
Alan TrentTina GregorFebruary 6,2000Tarrant, TX
Bradford TrentSara WiebeJanuary 15,2002Wichita, TX
Clarence TrentErrin BerryApril 14,2000Jefferson, TX
Douglas TrentJane De LimaSeptember 27,2002Wake, NC

Most Common Surnames After Trent

1739th: Serrano1740th: Unger
1741st: McCray1742nd: Maier
1743rd: Wetzel1744th: Wilkes
1745th: Cheng1746th: Stoner
1747th: Stapleton1748th: Hawk

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