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Trevino Genealogy & History

Trevino family history gets its surname from the Spanish word trevino, which means a person who lives on, or close to, the boundary of two farms or villages. These boundaries often had walls, trees, or marking stones. The geographical description is prevalent in so many parts of Spain that the surname could have been given to several different families. This may account for the varied spellings of the name, including Trevijano, Trevna, de Trevino, Travino, and de Trevenu. In Spain, the Condado de Trevi�o municipality's capital is Trevi�o. Trevino genealogy includes Mexican-American Lee Trevino, winner of six major golf championships.

Trevino Birth Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
Abel Trevino-- --, 1907June 26,2004TX
Bacilia Trevino-- --, 1917March 21,2008TX
Calistro Trevino-- --, 1880August ,1970TX
Dagoberto Trevino-- --, 1934September 28,2007TX

Trevino Death Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
Eben Trevino-- --, 1932September 4,2006Corpus Christi,TX
Fabian Trevino-- --, 1910March ,1973Mercedes,TX
Gabino Trevino-- --, 1908October ,1977Crystal City,TX
Harry Trevino-- --, 1952August 22,2002Lakeland,FL

Trevino Marriage Records

NameSpouseMarriage DateLocation
Anthony TrevinoDanyelle MelendrezAugust 16,2008Wake, NC
Carlos TrevinoPetra FloresApril 29,2000Dallas, TX
Daniel TrevinoJuanita IbarraMarch 17,2000Harris, TX
Eduardo TrevinoAna CavazosJanuary 1,2000Zapata, TX

Most Common Surnames After Trevino

1418th: Yost1419th: Weir
1420th: Bergman1421st: Eddy
1422nd: Sadler1423rd: Polk
1424th: Lilly1425th: Toth
1426th: McHugh1427th: Caruso

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