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Trimble Genealogy & History

Trimble is an English surname with a few different origins. As an Anglo-French name, it comes from the Latin tremulare, used to describe the trembling aspen tree and anyone who lived near one. It could also be a variation of Turnbull, an appellation for those who baited bulls. Lastly, it could be from the Old English name Trumbeort, meaning strong and bold. Trimble family history starts in 1316, when Alan Tumbald was noted as a resident of the Manor of Wakefield in Yorkshire. Some notable members of Trimble genealogy are 19th-century Ohio Governor Allen Trimble, Confederate General Isaac Trimble, and initial British Columbia Legislative Assembly Speaker James Trimble.

Trimble Birth Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
Aaron Trimble-- --, 1922March ,1984GA
B Frank Trimble-- --, 1922February 10,2004VA
C Smith Trimble-- --, 1917February 17,2000AL
Daisy Trimble-- --, 1889March ,1978PA

Trimble Death Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
E Allan Trimble-- --, 1916December 18,2004Camarillo,CA
Fairel Trimble-- --, 1901January ,1978Indio,CA
G Franklin Trimble-- --, 1933August 8,2009Lancaster,PA
H Leonard Trimble-- --, 1923April 17,1991Erie,PA

Trimble Marriage Records

NameSpouseMarriage DateLocation
Charles TrimbleSusan MckeithanJune 25,1988Wake, NC
Douglas TrimbleCatherine EdwardsApril 28,1984Wake, NC
Gregory TrimbleLoulee SalazarMay 12,2001Travis, TX
Melvin TrimbleKathleen CoxOctober 22,1983Wake, NC

Most Common Surnames After Trimble

1864th: Horvath1865th: Chu
1866th: Burk1867th: Thurston
1868th: Luke1869th: Jeffers
1870th: Bruner1871st: Moeller
1872nd: Malloy1873rd: Nagy

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