Truax Family History

Truax Surname Origin

The Truax family history appears to have French origins, but the surname actually dates back centuries in both France and England.

Truax Genealogy, Meaning & History

Truax is actually an Americanized spelling of the French surname du Trieux. The name is derived from an Old English word treow, which means "tree." Early Truax genealogy suggests the name was probably first used as a topographical or habitational one to describe an individual who lived near a prominent tree or from an area in Devon that sports a similar title. In France, the name was also used as a habitational name to refer to people who lived in Trieux in Muerthe-et-Moselle - a region in the northeastern area of France. Although the name probably originated in France, there are very early records of spelling variation of the surname in England as well. For example, early Truax family history in Wales can be found in the 12th century. Recordings of Truax family genealogy can also be found in Ireland, in County Kent, around this time.

Truax Immigration History

After the Truax surname migrated throughout much of Europe, it eventually made its way to North America as well. Because of the French origins of the name, it is as common in Canada as it is in the United States, if not more so. Early records of the 20th century in the United States show that the majority of the people with this surname settled in the northeastern region of the country, although a few Truax families can also be found in the Midwest, and an even smaller percentage throughout the rest of the nation. The Truax name can also be found throughout Canada, and many prominent individuals with this last name, such as Barry Truax and Reuben Eldridge Truax, come from Canada.

Famous People Named Truax

Barry Truax - Barry Truax (1947 - ) is a Canadian composer who is best known for his contributions in the development of real-time granular synthesis, which utilizes auditory streams and soundscapes to create unique musical work.

William Frederick Truax - William Frederick Truax (July 15, 1943 - ) was a professional football player who played in the National Football League between 1964 and 1973 for both the Los Angeles Rams and the Dallas Cowboys.

Reuben Eldridge Truax - Reuben Eldridge Truax (October 11, 1847 - April 3, 1945) was a Canadian politician and businessman who served as mayor of Walkerton, Ontario between 1888 and 1889.

Captain Robert C. Truax - Captain Robert C. Truax (September 3, 1917 - September 17, 2010) was a well-known American rocket engineer for the U.S. Navy, who eventually founded his own company, Truax Engineering.

Rhoda Truax Silberman

Rhoda Truax Silberman (October 28, 1901 - June 29, 2000) was an American author who published 12 novels and historical books throughout her long career.

Truax Fun Facts

  • Number of Truax's in the US: 689429
  • Average Lifespan of Truax's: 76
  • Truax is the 5006th most common name in the US

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