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Tuttle Genealogy & History

Tuttle, an ancient English name, has two derivations. The southern Norman derivation, from Olde English "tot", meaning to peer, and "hyll", meaning hill, refers to a look-out station, with villages named Toot Hill, Tothill, and Tuttle Hill. A feudal manor in Essex and a 1185 entry for Totehille in the Warwickshire Knights Templars register comprise part of the Tuttle family history. The northern Scandinavian derivation, from the Old Norse given name "Thorkell" (medieval name Thurkill), meant cauldron of god Thor. Tuttle genealogy includes the diverse spellings of Toothill, Tottehull, Toutehill, Tottle, Turtle, Tuthall, Tuttall, and Tutteill, as well as American immigrants to Massachusetts and Connecticut in the 1630s.

Tuttle Birth Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
A Mae Tuttle-- --, 1907January 21,1998WV
B Maxine Tuttle-- --, 1915July 10,1990KS
C Dale Tuttle-- --, 1926January 31,1999CO
Daisy Tuttle-- --, 1930January 4,2004WV

Tuttle Death Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
E Pearl Tuttle-- --, 1928August 9,1999Ludington,MI
F Walton Tuttle-- --, 1917June ,1981Upton,MA
G Eloise Tuttle-- --, 1921March 21,2003Midlothian,VA
H Arlene Tuttle-- --, 1917December 7,1992South Portland,ME

Tuttle Marriage Records

NameSpouseMarriage DateLocation
Anthony TuttleCarolyn TennantJanuary 18,1977Wake, NC
Barry TuttleSharon RoeJuly 18,1980Wake, NC
Frank TuttleCaro FishOctober 16,1935Wake, NC
George TuttleLena BennettJune 20,1944Wake, NC

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982nd: McKenna983rd: Kirkpatrick
984th: Lund985th: Holcomb

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