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Unger Genealogy & History

Unger is originally a German name, for someone who moved from Hungary to the Holy Roman Empire; Hungary was not a country at the time, especially as the notion of countries had not yet really developed, but it was a recognized area of Europe, and the Holy Roman Empire covered what is now Germany, having little to do with Rome. Unger family history starts with Berchtand Unger of Biberach, noted in the town charters in 1279. Unger genealogy boasts of several noteworthy people, such as Canadian Senator Betty Unger, New York Times writer and Johns Hopkins professor David Unger, and Canadian cartoonist Jim Unger.

Unger Birth Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
A Calvin Unger-- --, 1914October 23,2000NY
B H Adolf Unger-- --, 1914February 19,1990TN
C Josephi Unger-- --, 1923June 2,2006PA
D June Unger-- --, 1923March 9,2005CO

Unger Death Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
E Louise Unger-- --, 1898December ,1985Alpena,MI
F Donald Unger-- --, 1911March ,1979Lockport,NY
G Stella Unger-- --, 1915September 12,2005Allentown,PA
H Vernon Unger-- --, 1918November ,1985Frankfort,IN

Unger Marriage Records

NameSpouseMarriage DateLocation
Larry UngerTommy WestAugust 6,1966Tom Green, TX
William UngerLeticia PayneJuly 8,2003Bexar, TX
Vernon UngerStephanie SakachDecember 19,1987Harris, TX
Oliver UngerVearly RobinsonDecember 15,1984Mc Lennan, TX

Most Common Surnames After Unger

1741st: McCray1742nd: Maier
1743rd: Wetzel1744th: Wilkes
1745th: Cheng1746th: Stoner
1747th: Stapleton1748th: Hawk
1749th: Prescott1750th: Rivas

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