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Valdez Genealogy & History

Valdez, a prestigious Spanish name, originated in the municipality Valdez in Asturias, with Valdez genealogy perhaps beginning specifically in the Valle del Ese. Located in mountainous northern Spain, Asturias was a refuge for Christian nobles in the eighth century. Valdez is believed to mean "from the valley" in Spanish; the Valdes variation found throughout Europe can also be derived from Old French "baud", meaning joyful. Valdez family history in the Americas begins in 1512 with Valds immigrants to New Spain, with namesake places in America, Argentina, Canada, and Ecuador. Noted name-holders are Ramon Valdes, former president of Panama, and Migues Valdez, former president of Mexico.

Valdez Birth Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
Aagot Valdez-- --, 1896February ,1978NY
Baldamar Valdez-- --, 1906September ,1972CO
Caddie Valdez-- --, 1920August 7,2005GA
Daisy Valdez-- --, 1890November ,1980CA

Valdez Death Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
Eddie Valdez-- --, 1940December 5,2006San Antonio,TX
Fabian Valdez-- --, 1981May 4,2010Grandview,MO
Gabe Valdez-- --, 1935August 17,2003Hayward,CA
Harding Valdez-- --, 1925November 22,2001New York,NY

Valdez Marriage Records

NameSpouseMarriage DateLocation
Rafael ValdezLuisa PenalozaAugust 18,1998Wake, NC
Steve ValdezYomaira OcamposOctober 10,2003Wake, NC
Baltazar ValdezNicacia TarangoOctober 8,2000Tom Green, TX
Abraham ValdezCrystal SutherlandApril 29,2000Cameron, TX

Most Common Surnames After Valdez

769th: Giles770th: Herring
771st: Lutz772nd: Good
773rd: Kuhn774th: Frye
775th: Best776th: Rosenberg
777th: Faulkner778th: Coffey

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