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Van Horn Genealogy & History

Van Horn is locational for someone who lived near a horn-shaped hill-spur and occupational for someone who made or played horns. The coat of arms is a red shield with a central blue bar with a silver wavy bar inside, narrow bars of gold outside of the blue bar and three six pointed silver spurs, two above and one below. Van Horn family history has Christian Barentsen Van Horn as the first known to arrive in New York City in 1653. Some members of the Van Horn genealogy are comic artist William Van Horn as well as Clint Eastwood stunt double and stunt coordinator Buddy Van Horn.

Van Horn Birth Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
Ada Van Horn-- --, 1909May ,1995OH
Barbara Van Horn-- --, 1960March 31,2007ND
Calvin Van Horn-- --, 1899December ,1981MD
Dale Van Horn-- --, 1926February 4,2006IA

Van Horn Death Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
Earl Van Horn-- --, 1923September 19,2000Morrisville,PA
F Donald Van Horn-- --, 1926July 20,2008Titusville,NJ
Gary Van Horn-- --, 1943October 29,2007Youngstown,OH
H Edward Van Horn-- --, 1909November ,1978Pottstown,PA

Van Horn Marriage Records

NameSpouseMarriage DateLocation
Levi Van HornHellin SmithChelan County, WA
Kenneth Van HornLori BradenJune 30,2001TRUMBULL, OH
Jon Van HornSarah Van HornJune 7,2001FRANKLIN, OH
Paul Van HornJanice BowersJuly 29,2000ATHENS, OH

Most Common Surnames After Van Horn

2056th: Squires2057th: Garber
2058th: Nunn2059th: Hitchcock
2060th: Wakefield2061st: Graff
2062nd: Ebert2063rd: Cornett
2064th: Mims2065th: Willey

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