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Vasquez Genealogy & History

Vasquez is a famous name, originally from northeast Spain's Basque region. It could be locational, referring to someone from a town Vasquez. Alternatively, it could be a nickname derived from the seventh-century Basque "bela", meaning crow, and the diminutive suffix "sko," suggesting someone fierce. Vasquez family history traces back to the fourth-century Visigoths in Castile. The variety of spellings, including Belasco, Bisquez, Blasco, de Velasco, Vaz, Velazquez, Valex, Vazquez complicate Vasquez genealogy. Noted name-holders include many explorers to Cuba and Mexico in the early 1500s, Honduras president Domingo Vasquez, Dominican Republic president Horacio Vasquez, and artist Diego Velasquez.

Vasquez Birth Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
Abdon Vasquez-- --, 1936May 29,1988CA
Bacilia Vasquez-- --, 1946December 8,2007DC
Caesar Vasquez-- --, 1919December 29,2001NY
Daisy Vasquez-- --, 1911December 14,1995OK

Vasquez Death Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
Eartha Vasquez-- --, 1932June 21,2000Orangeburg,SC
Fabian Vasquez-- --, 1894August ,1982Chicago,IL
G Elaine Vasquez-- --, 1927January 15,2007Anchorage,AK
Harold Vasquez-- --, 1942February 7,2006Charleston,WV

Vasquez Marriage Records

NameSpouseMarriage DateLocation
Casiano VasquezVeliz LopezJuly 5,2008Wake, NC
Ventura VasquezDeana OdonnellJanuary 11,2008Wake, NC
George VasquezVelma CarrascoSeptember 19,2000Midland, TX
Felipe VasquezRosa MurguiaApril 22,2000Tarrant, TX

Most Common Surnames After Vasquez

471st: Abbott472nd: Carson
473rd: Brennan474th: Lindsey
475th: O'Neill476th: Nash
477th: Chase478th: Glover
479th: Hampton480th: Underwood

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