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Vaughan, a Welsh name interchangeable with Vaughn, means small and was derived from Welsh "fychan" or "bychan", a diminutive of "back", meaning little. A nickname for a short person, or perhaps ironically someone tall, it alternatively could distinguish between two people with the same personal name, like the modern suffix Junior. Vaughan genealogy includes singer Frankie Vaughan, ball bearing inventor Philip Vaughan, actor Peter Vaughan, conductor Denis Vaughan, Welsh poet Henry Vaughan, blues rock guitarist and singer Jimmie Vaughan, artist David Vaughan, blues rock guitarist and singer Stevie Ray Vaughan, jazz singer Sarah Vaughan, comedian Norman Vaughan, and composer Ralph Vaughan Williams.

Vaughan Birth Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
A Blair Vaughan-- --, 1915July 18,1988PA
B Edward Vaughan-- --, 1919May 12,2006DC
C Douglas Vaughan-- --, 1930March ,1985OH
Dahl Vaughan-- --, 1904January 26,1994WI

Vaughan Death Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
E Dean Vaughan-- --, 1922September 21,2004Basye,VA
Fae Vaughan-- --, 1906May 12,2003Danville,CA
G Nadine Vaughan-- --, 1912February 28,2005Indianapolis,IN
H Earle Vaughan-- --, 1912March ,1978Basking Ridge,NJ

Vaughan Marriage Records

NameSpouseMarriage DateLocation
Aaron VaughanMary RiversJanuary 3,1941Wake, NC
Burnie VaughanRuby PollardAugust 23,1932Wake, NC
Charles VaughanElizabeth LawrenceJanuary 11,1934Wake, NC
Edgerton VaughanRosemary SchenckNovember 12,1938Wake, NC

Most Common Surnames After Vaughan

667th: Hendricks668th: Wiggins
669th: Dougherty670th: Hurley
671st: Noble672nd: Livingston
673rd: Singleton674th: Strong
675th: Crane676th: McLean

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