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Vazquez Genealogy & History

Vazquez family history indicates that this Galician surname means son of Vasco. Vasco itself comes from Velascus, the Latin form of an even more ancient name, possibly Basque or Iberian. Velascus may stem from the ancient words vela or bela (crow) and �sko (little), and could be a nickname or a placename. First found in Castille, the name appears in countless variations, some of which include Blas, Blasco, Blasquez, Velzquez, Velazquez, and Vasquez. Antonio de Belasco of Valladolid, Spain, was documented on January 14, 1562; Francisco Vazquez de Coronado settled in Mexico in 1535. Vazquez genealogy includes native American flutist Andrew Vazquez.

Vazquez Birth Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
Alejondro Vazquez-- --, 1928May 21,1988PA
Balbina Vazquez-- --, 1911May 8,2008FL
Calixta Vazquez-- --, 1912May 8,1997PR
Dagoberto Vazquez-- --, 1931September 5,2006PA

Vazquez Death Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
Earl Vazquez-- --, 1928August 29,2006Fort Stockton,TX
Fabian Vazquez-- --, 1927September 1,2008Lajas,PR
G Ignacio Vazquez-- --, 1912August ,1983Greenlawn,NY
Harold Vazquez-- --, 1931August 29,1992Houston,TX

Vazquez Marriage Records

NameSpouseMarriage DateLocation
Alfonso VazquezJoni WilliamsApril 17,1998Wake, NC
Becerra VazquezErin LindsayFebruary 15,2008Wake, NC
Celso VazquezJudith BowmanApril 4,2008Wake, NC
Eduardo VazquezElva VieyraMarch 31,1998Wake, NC

Most Common Surnames After Vazquez

1432nd: Vogt1433rd: Suarez
1434th: Hoskins1435th: Land
1436th: Knutson1437th: Thurman
1438th: Goodrich1439th: Bragg
1440th: Whitman1441st: Latham

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