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Robles is a Spanish and Portuguese locational surname, from a village in Murias, Leon, in north-central Spain named Robles. The town's name means oak in Old Spanish, and it is likely that the settlement was located near a grove of oak trees or was well known for products made from oak. Robles family history comes to the New World with Andres de Robles, who sailed to Hispaniola in 1512. Robles genealogy includes several well-known people, such as 1850s Ecuadorian President Francisco Robles, former President of the European Parliament Jose Gil-Robles, and 1960s Panamanian President and diplomat Marco Aurelio Robles.

Velasquez Birth Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
Abalino Velasquez-- --, 1924June 30,2004CO
B Elena Velasquez-- --, 1920October 28,1990CA
C Arturo Velasquez-- --, 1915August 8,1998NY
Dagoberto Velasquez-- --, 1964January 20,2007NY

Velasquez Death Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
Eddie Velasquez-- --, 1932May 17,2001Monte Vista,CO
Fabian Velasquez-- --, 1935February 6,2001Uniondale,NY
Gabriel Velasquez-- --, 1894November ,1978San Jose,CA
Harlinda Velasquez-- --, 1913June 14,1992Saint Paul,MN

Velasquez Marriage Records

NameSpouseMarriage DateLocation
Billy VelasquezLaura AlvarezFebruary 7,2004Wake, NC
Esmael VelasquezPatricia WeedenDecember 29,1997Wake, NC
Jose VelasquezDahlia BarriosApril 22,1999Wake, NC
Obel VelasquezUlma ManciaMarch 1,2008Wake, NC

Most Common Surnames After Velasquez

1529th: Altman1530th: Irvin
1531st: Carmichael1532nd: Murdock
1533rd: Gillis1534th: Givens
1535th: Henley1536th: Reeder
1537th: Ledbetter1538th: Sumner

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