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Vick Genealogy & History

Vick is an English surname from the Old French eveske, meaning bishop. Given that bishops were not allowed to have children, it was possibly not used as a direct occupational surname but may have been a nickname for someone who acted like a member of the clergy or played the part of a bishop n a traveling theater. Vick family history begins in 1275, when Robert Vesk was noted in the Hundred Rolls of Worcestershire. Vick genealogy includes philanthropist and CEO Edward Vick and Falcons and Eagles quarterback Michael Vick.

Vick Birth Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
A Spencer Vick-- --, 1926January 22,1990NC
Barbara Vick-- --, 1922June 22,2006MA
Caletha Vick-- --, 1932May 2,2008VA
Dagmar Vick-- --, 1918June 23,2005NY

Vick Death Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
Earl Vick-- --, 1957March 27,2003Rochester,NY
Fairy Vick-- --, 1881April ,1973Owensboro,KY
Gabe Vick-- --, 1931July 11,2000Weatherford,TX
H William Vick-- --, 1926October 20,2000Nashville,TN

Vick Marriage Records

NameSpouseMarriage DateLocation
Barry VickVickie StoneJune 28,1986Wake, NC
Charles VickRuth WilliamsJune 25,1951Wake, NC
Donzell VickKatrina RichardsonJuly 13,1956Wake, NC
Ernest VickLaura NewtonMay 28,1994Wake, NC

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