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Vickers Genealogy & History

Vickers is an English name with two possible origins. Most likely it was patronymic, derived from the compound vicares�vicare meaning vicar and the suffix �s meaning son of (hence son of the vicar). However, the suffix �s could also mean servant of, so it could be an occupational name given to someone who served a vicar. Vickers family history is first recorded with one Wiliam del Vickers, who lived in Staffordshire in 1327; early Vickerses were also found in Durham. Vickers genealogy includes the prominent American inventor Harry Franklin Vickers, who received the prestigious ASME Medal and was called the Father of Industrial Hydraulics.

Vickers Birth Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
Aaron Vickers-- --, 1929December 1,2000AL
B Essie Vickers-- --, 1931March ,1986AL
Caddie Vickers-- --, 1895December ,1969OH
Daisy Vickers-- --, 1904July 29,1992NY

Vickers Death Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
E Newton Vickers-- --, 1926July 6,1999Topeka,KS
Falbie Vickers-- --, 1914November 16,1990Lueders,TX
Gabriel Vickers-- --, 1913December ,1983Alkol,WV
Hadie Vickers-- --, 1918July 20,2008West Alexandria,OH

Vickers Marriage Records

NameSpouseMarriage DateLocation
Billy VickersWillistine CottenJune 1,1980Wake, NC
Virgie VickersEthel JusticeJuly 1,1941Wake, NC
Pittman VickersFrances JacksonDecember 19,1947Wake, NC
Hubert VickersMaxine LangdonMarch 19,1955Wake, NC

Most Common Surnames After Vickers

1399th: Bergeron1400th: Houser
1401st: Crowder1402nd: Crockett
1403rd: Coulter1404th: Cartwright
1405th: Tobin1406th: Hagan
1407th: Dietz1408th: Lovell

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