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Vinson Genealogy & History

The varied spellings of Vinson include Vinsen and Vinsun; the name has been used synonymously with Vincent and Vincett. Vinson family history speculates that the name is derived from the Latin infinitive vincere, meaning to conquer. The first instances of Vinson being used as a surname were recorded in 1206. Vinson genealogy includes actresses Helen Vinson and Sharni Vinson; Georgia Representative Carl Vinson; figure skater and coach Maribel Yerxa Vinson-Owen; football defensive back Fred Vinson; the basketball guard by the same name; saxophonist and blues shouter Eddie Vinson; and Kentucky Representative, Truman Secretary of the Treasury, and Chief Justice Frederick Moore Vinson.

Vinson Birth Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
Aaron Vinson-- --, 1888July ,1973TX
B Finley Vinson-- --, 1914May 14,2006TX
C Nell Vinson-- --, 1921June 3,1993AL
Daisey Vinson-- --, 1917November 3,2007TN

Vinson Death Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
E June Vinson-- --, 1913October 10,1996Danville,IL
Faith Vinson-- --, 1902January ,1983Corning,CA
Gail Vinson-- --, 1948February 15,2004New Port Richey,FL
Hal Vinson-- --, 1923October 13,1999Salt Lake City,UT

Vinson Marriage Records

NameSpouseMarriage DateLocation
Allen VinsonEleanor KilpatrickApril 26,1962Wake, NC
Charlie VinsonAva SmithFebruary 4,1934Wake, NC
Danny VinsonSharon StanfordJune 5,1976Wake, NC
Ernest VinsonJune WatsonJune 21,1975Wake, NC

Most Common Surnames After Vinson

1329th: Campos1330th: Forrest
1331st: Esposito1332nd: Wilhelm
1333rd: Crews1334th: Salinas
1335th: Dugan1336th: Weiner
1337th: Khan1338th: Hager

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