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Vogel is a German and Dutch name found in many variations throughout Europe. Derived from Old High German "fogal", meaning bird, it was a nickname for someone quiet or happy, or someone who liked to sing, or perhaps someone who had an occupation as a bird-catcher. Vogel genealogy is complicated by the myriad of variations: Fogel, Fowell, Fugel, Fuggle, Gowle, Vageler, Vakel, Voegele, Voegelein, Vogall, Vogl, Vogler, Vowell, and more. In Germany, Vogel family history began in Thuringia in the southeastern part of Saxony. The Vogel coat of arms is a blue shield with two stars and a rose, symbolizing loyalty, hope, joy and divinity.

Vogel Birth Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
A Dale Vogel-- --, 1919January 3,2006PA
B Louis Vogel-- --, 1928February 10,2003MO
C Donald Vogel-- --, 1912August ,1984PA
D Armand Vogel-- --, 1930April 22,1989WV

Vogel Death Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
E Frederic Vogel-- --, 1923July 31,2005Girard,OH
F Phillip Vogel-- --, 1919December 16,1996Decatur,IL
G Faye Vogel-- --, 1912November ,1987Lafayette,OR
Halbert Vogel-- --, 1921May 16,1994Dousman,WI

Vogel Marriage Records

NameSpouseMarriage DateLocation
Charles VogelMary BrowningMay 2,1981Wake, NC
Paul VogelFrances BaileyMarch 24,1945Wake, NC
Richard VogelJoan WatsonJuly 20,1959Wake, NC
Timothy VogelDeborah ChamberlainSeptember 15,1978Wake, NC

Most Common Surnames After Vogel

766th: Ritter767th: Fritz
768th: Valdez769th: Giles
770th: Herring771st: Lutz
772nd: Good773rd: Kuhn
774th: Frye775th: Best

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