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Vogt Genealogy & History

Vogt is a German surname with Latin origins, stemming from the Latin word advocatus, meaning advocate or governor. Vogt family history records that it is first found in central Germany, including Bavaria, Franconia, Hessen, and the Palatinate. Henrich Foyd was recorded in Kassel in 1420, and Johan Voight in Steinbach in 1526. Johann, Daniel, and Abraham Vogt all came to America in 1709 with their wives and families. Vogt genealogy includes numerous notable individuals, including Canadian science fiction author A. E. van Vogt, American actor and comedian Paul C. Vogt, and American ornithologist and writer William Vogt.

Vogt Birth Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
Aaron Vogt-- --, 1974August ,1986OH
Barbara Vogt-- --, 1904October ,1985NY
C Lyn Vogt-- --, 1928September 20,2006IL
D Dale Vogt-- --, 1919September 27,2007IA

Vogt Death Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
E Allan Vogt-- --, 1929October 8,1992Gainesville,FL
F Sherman Vogt-- --, 1914July 12,1992Louisville,KY
Gabriel Vogt-- --, 1916March ,1982Williamsburg,MO
H Philip Vogt-- --, 1914August 21,2000Seattle,WA

Vogt Marriage Records

NameSpouseMarriage DateLocation
Berthold VogtTheresa RanftDecember 27,1988Wake, NC
Charles VogtCarol VogtAugust 3,1999Wake, NC
Daniel VogtMichele MignacciJune 5,1993Wake, NC
Fred VogtSylvia RustDecember 20,2002Kendall, TX

Most Common Surnames After Vogt

1433rd: Suarez1434th: Hoskins
1435th: Land1436th: Knutson
1437th: Thurman1438th: Goodrich
1439th: Bragg1440th: Whitman
1441st: Latham1442nd: McWilliams

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