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Voss Genealogy & History

Voss is descended from pre-seventh-century old English fox, Irish Sionnaigh, and German Foch, meaning a personal name or nickname for someone known for his foxlike speed and shrewdness. Voss has copious spellings from Germany, Britain, Belgium, and the Netherlands, including Vosch, De Vos, Focks, Vosse, Vossem, Fos, Fuxman, Fuchsel, Voske, and Fossa. Voss family history says that the first recording of the name was Daniel Fuhs, a burger in Cologne, Germany, in 1198. In 1568, Sir Patrick Fox was the state interpreter of Ireland. Noteworthy Voss genealogy members are conservationist and oceanographer Gilbert L. Voss, astronaut Janice E. Voss, and journalist Brandon Voss.

Voss Birth Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
A Jewell Voss-- --, 1918May 22,1999ID
Barbara Voss-- --, 1915October 25,1996MA
C Mildred Voss-- --, 1922July 13,2000NJ
Dagny Voss-- --, 1912April ,1982IL

Voss Death Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
E Louise Voss-- --, 1918February 13,2000Santa Barbara,CA
F William Voss-- --, 1924March 28,2002Escondido,CA
Gabriel Voss-- --, 1877February 15,1966York,PA
Haggard Voss-- --, 1888July 15,1967Summertown,TN

Voss Marriage Records

NameSpouseMarriage DateLocation
Carlton VossJammie LuskJanuary 20,1969Wake, NC
Robert VossMelissa MorseMarch 10,1956Wake, NC
Mark VossSuzanne SeymourMay 15,1999Wake, NC
Varnell VossAnne EvansMay 21,1977Rockwall, TX

Most Common Surnames After Voss

1261st: Akers1262nd: Shah
1263rd: Daley1264th: Bower
1265th: Smart1266th: Eldridge
1267th: Hoyt1268th: Kruse
1269th: Draper1270th: Piper

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