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Waggoner Genealogy & History

Waggoner is an English-German name originally describing a wagon-maker or wagon-driver, derived from the Middle High German wegener. The more popular variation on this name is the German form Wagner, but Waggoner genealogy also includes the spelling variations Waganer, Wagener, Wegner, and Wiggoner. Wagon-making was such an important occupation in medieval times that 37 coats of arms have been granted to Waggoner/Wagner families. English Waggoner family history traces to Saxony and to Yorkshire, where they held a family estate in ancient times. American Waggoner immigration in the 18th century was primarily to Pennsylvania. The lion and wolf on the German Waggoner coat of arms signify perseverance and courage.

Waggoner Birth Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
Aaron Waggoner-- --, 1911January ,1982WV
Billy Waggoner-- --, 1926May 27,1991AR
C Nadine Waggoner-- --, 1913September 25,1996TX
Dahlia Waggoner-- --, 1917November 10,2004VA

Waggoner Death Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
E Kathleen Waggoner-- --, 1913April 18,1997Parkersburg,WV
Faith Waggoner-- --, 1960June 9,2007Magnolia,TX
G Jewell Waggoner-- --, 1915April 5,1990Chouteau,OK
H Sue Waggoner-- --, 1926November 15,2007Huntington,IN

Waggoner Marriage Records

NameSpouseMarriage DateLocation
Blake WaggonerSusan PeughDecember 9,1985Wake, NC
Charles WaggonerVivian McleanJune 21,1980Wake, NC
Daniel WaggonerKatharine KennedyJuly 23,1988Wake, NC
Richard WaggonerPamela KingAugust 11,1984Wake, NC

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