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Wahl Genealogy & History

Wahl stems from Lower Saxony, Germany, and is usually a locational name from a word meaning wall but also comes from the Old German wala, meaning choice. Some of the spellings are Wahlen, Wahlers, Waler, and Waler. The coat of arms is two hooked red spears crossed with a red rose above the intersection and another below on a silver shield. Wahl family history has Johan Wahl as the first known member to migrate to America in 1749, settling in Pennsylvania. Several members of Wahl genealogy are film and television actor Ken Wahl; physicist and explorer Bruno Wolfgang Wahl; and children's author and film collector Jan Boyer Wahl.

Wahl Birth Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
Aagot W.-- --, 1890September ,1983NY
Barbara W.-- --, 1932May ,1993MD
C Eugene W.-- --, 1913January 15,2000NY
Daisy W.-- --, 1884March ,1975FL

Wahl Death Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
Earl W.-- --, 1904September ,1972Owensboro,KY
Fae W.-- --, 1913January 10,2002Weatherford,OK
Gabrielle W.-- --, 1911February 7,2004Scobey,MT
Hallie W.-- --, 1895February ,1975South Bend,IN

Wahl Marriage Records

NameSpouseMarriage DateLocation
Edward W.Frances TillJuly 10,1976Wake, NC
George W.Mary CandlerJanuary 7,2006Wake, NC
Michael W.Elizabeth MerrellApril 6,1991Wake, NC
Kevin W.Lisa BauerMay 15,1999Wake, NC

Most Common Surnames After Wahl

1966th: Ogle1967th: Presley
1968th: Hayward1969th: Grubb
1970th: Boudreaux1971st: Dickens
1972nd: Burdick1973rd: Arnett
1974th: Renner1975th: Bartholomew

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