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Wallace is a famous Scottish surname, due to patriot Sir William Wallace (1272-1305), "Terror Anglorum" (Terror of the English), who fought English King Edward I for ten years prior to being captured and executed. Also found in England and Wales, Wallace is derived from Norman French "waleis", meaning foreigner, which in England could refer to a Scotsman, Welshman, Celt, Breton, or anyone from Strathclyde, resulting in Wallace genealogy spelling variations Uallas, Wallach, Wallang, Walleyss, Wallice, and Wallis. Wallace family history dates back to 1173 in Ayreshire, Scotland, where the King granted lands to Richard Wallensis, great-grandfather to William Wallace. Fittingly, the Wallace motto is "pro libertate", meaning "for liberty".

Wallace Birth Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
A Frances Wallace-- --, 1915August 31,1993FL
B David Wallace-- --, 1926January 16,2004NC
C Bill Wallace-- --, 1937January 9,2003TX
Dolores Wallace-- --, 1935October 18,2003MI

Wallace Death Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
E Berton Wallace-- --, 1912October 10,2003Las Cruces,NM
F Earl Wallace-- --, 1918April ,1985Punta Gorda,FL
G Ann Wallace-- --, 1927July 17,2008Allegan,MI
H Glenroy Wallace-- --, 1915February 19,2001Salt Lake City,UT

Wallace Marriage Records

NameSpouseMarriage DateLocation
Charles WallaceEdna HathcockAugust 29,1942Wake, NC
Edward WallaceEunice DupreeJanuary 9,1935Wake, NC
Ira WallaceLucille JohnsonJuly 15,1932Wake, NC
Jack WallaceAleen PerryOctober 8,1935Wake, NC

Most Common Surnames After Wallace

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98th: Meyer99th: Hayes
100th: Kennedy101st: McDonald
102nd: Griffin103rd: Ellis
104th: Jordan105th: Simmons

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