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Walls Genealogy & History

Walls, like Wall, can be derived from Old English "weall", meaning wall, for someone who lived by or worked on walls, and could refer to the old Roman stone walls in Northumberland, sea-walls in Essex, as well as a variety of defensive walls. Alternatively, it could derive from Old English "waella", meaning spring or well, with the suffix "s" denoting location. Walls genealogy is complicated by over 40 spellings including Wahl, Wallenberg, Wallmann, Wal, Wale, and Wall. In England, Walls family history dates back prior to a feudal manor in Gloucestershire. The first Walls in America immigrated to Maryland in 1678.

Walls Birth Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
Aaron Walls-- --, 1894January ,1984VA
Barb Walls-- --, 1934May 12,2009CA
Caddie Walls-- --, 1899December 4,1989CA
Douglas Walls-- --, 1948January 25,2010SC

Walls Death Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
E Kelsie Walls-- --, 1918March 2,1992Carmel,ME
F Dale Walls-- --, 1926February 18,2001Kankakee,IL
G Carleton Walls-- --, 1920August 23,1998Bethany Beach,DE
H Leland Walls-- --, 1927April 14,1998Decatur,GA

Walls Marriage Records

NameSpouseMarriage DateLocation
Anthony WallsChaunda WalkerNovember 30,1996Wake, NC
Edward WallsAlice WilliamsFebruary 15,1947Wake, NC
Frank WallsSadie HarperFebruary 22,1954Wake, NC
Gabriel WallsAthena LopezOctober 6,2001Garza, TX

Most Common Surnames After Walls

842nd: Blevins843rd: Delgado
844th: Downs845th: Hendrix
846th: Dudley847th: Fink
848th: Sampson849th: Hatfield
850th: Archer851st: Cantrell

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