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Walsh is an Irish and English surname derived from Old English "waelisc", meaning foreigner or stranger. Ironically, it was often applied by the conquerors to the native people. The first recording in Walsh family history was Haylen Walsh, who invaded Ireland in 1171 with Strongbow, Earl of Pembroke. Brothers Philip and David Brenagh also invaded with Strongbow. An alternative derivation is Irish "Breathnach", meaning foreigner or Welshman. Walsh genealogy includes name variations of Brannagh, Walch, Walshman, Welche, Wellish, and Welshe. In Ireland, Walshes were first found in Kilkenny, Leix, and Waterford in the 12th and 13th centuries. In America, they immigrated to Boston in 1635. Their motto, "transfixus sed non mortuus", means "transfixed but not dead".

Walsh Birth Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
A Eleanor Walsh-- --, 1916February 22,2010NY
B Catherin Walsh-- --, 1907March ,1973NY
Calene Walsh-- --, 1930May 8,2008KY
D Rita Walsh-- --, 1926September 28,2005ME

Walsh Death Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
E Joseph Walsh-- --, 1917July 14,2002Hendersonville,NC
F Howard Walsh-- --, 1913May 28,1998Fort Worth,TX
G Shirley Walsh-- --, 1916July 9,2006Short Hills,NJ
H Allen Walsh-- --, 1931September 13,2008Paris,TN

Walsh Marriage Records

NameSpouseMarriage DateLocation
George WalshIrene HoffmanJanuary 14,1969Wake, NC
Kenneth WalshBarbara RussellFebruary 27,1992Wake, NC
William WalshElsie SteinmuellerAugust 16,1968Wake, NC
Ivan WalshAnne LongFebruary 14,1997Bexar, TX

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205th: Carr206th: Daniels
207th: Harper208th: Gilbert
209th: Williamson210th: Willis
211th: George212th: Watkins

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