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Walter Genealogy & History

Walter is a Germanic name with over forty spelling variations, including Gaultier (France), Gwalter (Wales), Wolterz/van Wolters (Holland), Waldherr/Waltherr (Germany) and Walthew/Wattis (England). Walter derives from the ancient German given name Waldhar, composed of "wald", meaning rule, and "heri", meaning army. In Germany, the Walter family history traces back to the ancient kingdom of Silesia, with the name brought to Cambridgeshire, England during the Norman Conquest. A famous name-holder was Hubert Walter, Archbishop of Canterbury and Lord Chancellor, who was an influential royal advisor to Richard I, whom he accompanied on the Third Crusade. In America, Walter genealogy dates back to 1679 in Maryland.

Walter Birth Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
A Eileen Walter-- --, 1913February 27,2004MN
Barbara Walter-- --, 1918October 29,1997NY
C Garth Walter-- --, 1923October 27,1998CO
D Naomi Walter-- --, 1929July 17,2010MD

Walter Death Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
E Glenn Walter-- --, 1918October ,1985Endicott,NY
F Alan Walter-- --, 1923February 8,2006Troutville,VA
G Ruthanna Walter-- --, 1917October 20,1996Carey,OH
H Calvin Walter-- --, 1924October 18,1992Knoxville,TN

Walter Marriage Records

NameSpouseMarriage DateLocation
Charles WalterDeborah WhaleyMay 12,1973Wake, NC
Donald WalterMartha StanfordSeptember 1,1978Wake, NC
Harold WalterAlberta JenkinsMarch 11,1931Wake, NC
John WalterLizzie BunnFebruary 3,1934Wake, NC

Most Common Surnames After Walter

503rd: Marks504th: Poole
505th: Allison506th: Atkinson
507th: Boyer508th: Huffman
509th: Whitaker510th: Stokes
511th: Davenport512th: Gates

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