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Walters Genealogy & History

Walters is an English/Welsh surname based on the Germanic name Walter; the "s" suffix indicates the patronymic "son of Walter." Derived from the ancient German name Waldhar, composed of "wald", meaning rule, and "heri", meaning army, Walters genealogy is complicated by over forty spelling variations, from Gaultier, Gwalter, Wolterz, and Waltherr to Walthew. The Walters family history dates back to the Norman Conquest when the Waltier/Wauti name was introduced to England from France by the Normans, and Walters became lords of a feudal manor in Cambridgeshire. American Walters genealogy dates back to before the Mayflower, 1618 in Virginia, and includes 35-year television journalist/personality Barbara Walters.

Walters Birth Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
A Jeanette Walters-- --, 1924March ,1993PA
B Dean Walters-- --, 1929October 17,2009PA
C David Walters-- --, 1953August 23,2001FL
D Dale Walters-- --, 1922May ,1984IN

Walters Death Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
E Clark Walters-- --, 1914November 18,2007Galena,MD
F Gail Walters-- --, 1923April 12,1996Prague,OK
G Elaine Walters-- --, 1940January 11,2002Syracuse,NY
H Dewaine Walters-- --, 1921March 18,2007Pleasant Hill,MO

Walters Marriage Records

NameSpouseMarriage DateLocation
Alex WaltersKatie StewartAugust 27,1936Wake, NC
Burnice WaltersMavis CampbellJanuary 11,1936Wake, NC
Connie WaltersBertha GillDecember 29,1937Wake, NC
Dewey WaltersHelen BrinkleyAugust 31,1950Wake, NC

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227th: Fuller228th: Fowler
229th: Becker230th: Torres
231st: Beck232nd: Oliver
233rd: Bowman234th: Holland

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