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Warren is an English name with medieval French origins. Derived from Old French "warrene", meaning game-park, Warren described someone living or working at a small animal breeding park. The Warrens granted lands in Sussex by William the Conqueror were the ancient Earls of Varrenne in Sancto Martino in Normandy. Although Warren resembles the Germanic Guarin/Warin, Warren genealogy does not include Warin. American Warren family history dates to the 1620 Mayflower pilgrim Richard Warren and includes chief justice Earl Warren. The motto, "Leo de juda est robur nostrum," means "The lion of Judah is our strength," with a silver lion on the Warren coat of arms.

Warren Birth Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
A Ann Warren-- --, 1913July ,1980NY
B Arthur Warren-- --, 1919February 7,1997IL
C Carl Warren-- --, 1927January 21,2009AR
D Jayne Warren-- --, 1920September 25,1998CO

Warren Death Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
E Paul Warren-- --, 1915February 15,2002Henrico,VA
F George Warren-- --, 1914March 30,1989Olympia,WA
G Elaine Warren-- --, 1920June ,1987Springfield,OH
H Joseph Warren-- --, 1926February 26,2004Saint Louis,MO

Warren Marriage Records

NameSpouseMarriage DateLocation
Bryan WarrenVirginia HollemanFebruary 1,1946Wake, NC
Clebert WarrenJewel WallaceAugust 31,1943Wake, NC
Dorris WarrenFaustina HillFebruary 16,1946Wake, NC
Floyd WarrenElizabeth GauldinMay 27,1972Wake, NC

Most Common Surnames After Warren

150th: Dunn151st: Hunter
152nd: Peters153rd: Ferguson
154th: Elliott155th: Arnold
156th: Weaver157th: Gardner
158th: Hart159th: Boyd

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