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Way is an ancient name given to someone who lived by a weg, the pre-seventh-century word for an unpaved public thoroughfare. The name might also have originated from some very old names recorded as Wazo or Gazo, which were popular Anglo-Saxon baptismal names. Way family history records multiple variant spellings, including Way, Waye, Wey, Weigh, Attaway, Bitheway, Byway, Weg, Wegman and Wegmann. William Waye was recorded in Dorset in 1236, and George Way settled in Boston in 1633. Way genealogy includes English chorister and classical singer Anthony Way; King�s College Principal Sir Richard Way; and My Chemical Romance lead singer Gerard Way.

Way Birth Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
Abbey Way-- --, 1916January ,1986TN
Barbara Way-- --, 1911May 15,2006MA
C Scott Way-- --, 1946January 13,2010ND
D Dawson Way-- --, 1930December 28,2009MI

Way Death Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
E Boyd Way-- --, 1914February 5,2000Lincoln,NE
Fairey Way-- --, 1938January 21,2008Saint George,SC
Gail Way-- --, 1919July 20,1999Chicago,IL
H Tupper Way-- --, 1927April 17,2000Minneapolis,MN

Way Marriage Records

NameSpouseMarriage DateLocation
Abdul WayKizzie EldridgeOctober 7,2005Mclennan, TX
Brian WayFrances MoranMarch 10,1995Wake, NC
Warren WayAnn LawrenceDecember 30,1941Wake, NC
Leroy WayKatherine SimmonsOctober 21,1950Wake, NC

Most Common Surnames After Way

2046th: Gilman2047th: McNulty
2048th: St. Clair2049th: Higginbotham
2050th: Anders2051st: McClelland
2052nd: McNeal2053rd: Whitten
2054th: Eason2055th: Van Horn

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