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Weber Genealogy & History

Weber is a German name, meaning weaver, similar to the English versions Weaver, Webb and Webber. Derived from the Middle High German "weber", meaning weaver, it is a name widespread in central and eastern Europe and the sixth most popular German surname. English Weber family history dates to 13th century Flemish settlers in Somerset, with Thomas Webber immigrating to Maine in 1616, four years before the Mayflower. The motto, "Liliae pearlescent telis," means "Lilies outshine weapons of war." Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart married into the Weber genealogy. There are famed name-holders in every branch of science, such as Ernst Weber, the German physician considered a founder of experimental psychology.

Weber Birth Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
A Grant Weber-- --, 1916November 22,1991PA
B Jane Weber-- --, 1922June 16,2007MI
C Harold Weber-- --, 1915October 14,2009PA
D Gladys Weber-- --, 1924June 4,1992IL

Weber Death Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
E Be Nice Weber-- --, 1918April 12,1988Visalia,CA
F Evelyn Weber-- --, 1912November 1,1999Brooklyn,NY
G Bernice Weber-- --, 1919October 13,1988Greenfield,IN
H Carl Weber-- --, 1918February 26,2009Mount Sinai,NY

Weber Marriage Records

NameSpouseMarriage DateLocation
Edgar WeberMarguerite FloydSeptember 1,1957Wake, NC
Joseph WeberLucy BestMay 14,1935Wake, NC
Gerald WeberTheresa RatermanMay 5,2000Dallas, TX
Daniel WeberHilary GrantJune 17,2000Dallas, TX

Most Common Surnames After Weber

185th: Bradley186th: Wheeler
187th: Hudson188th: Morrison
189th: Hawkins190th: Greene
191st: Riley192nd: Lawrence
193rd: Schneider194th: Lynch

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