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Weinberg Genealogy & History

Weinberg has roots in the pre-fifth-century vinea, meaning sweet wine. This name is both occupational and locational, indicating someone who lived near or worked with grapes and wine. Some variant spellings include Weinsperg, Weinberger, Vine, Vyner, Lavigne, Desvignes, Vignault, Vignossi, Vignone, and Weins. Weinberg family history mentions Robert de Vigne as the first known recording of the name in 1236 in the Liber Feodorum Rolls in Somerset, England. Some members of the Weinberg genealogy are novelist, journalist, and travel writer Samantha Weinberg; neurosurgeon and psychoneuroimmunologist Ian Weinberg; and rabbi, Talmudist, and Ner Israel Rabbinical College Dean Shmuel Yaakov Weinberg.

Weinberg Birth Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
Aaron W.-- --, 1884January ,1968NY
Barbara W.-- --, 1922December 9,2005MA
C Richard W.-- --, 1915August 30,2006NJ
Daisy W.-- --, 1910June 2,1999HI

Weinberg Death Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
Earl W.-- --, 1906December 23,1993Tomahawk,WI
Fannie W.-- --, 1900October ,1980Worcester,MA
Gabriela W.-- --, 1941January 19,2006Marlton,NJ
H Gerald W.-- --, 1912November ,1985Buffalo,NY

Weinberg Marriage Records

NameSpouseMarriage DateLocation
Adam W.Randi HoustonSeptember 4,2002Denton, TX
Jonathan W.Kerry HammondDecember 11,1969Wake, NC
Isidore W.Gabina GaytanApril 26,2001Webb, TX
Matthew W.Karen HammettFebruary 17,2001Hood, TX

Most Common Surnames After Weinberg

1986th: Perdue1987th: Reich
1988th: Means1989th: Lombardo
1990th: Saylor1991st: Danielson
1992nd: Cordova1993rd: Hearn
1994th: McMahan1995th: Jernigan

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