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Weiner Genealogy & History

Weiner stems from the Middle High German word wane, meaning a hamper or basket, also known as a winnowing fan and used to clean grain. It is an occupational name for someone who made and or sold these fans. Alternate spellings include Wiene, Wien, Wienen, Viener,Wanler, Wannamacher, Wenser, Veaner, and Vieners. Weiner family history has documents from 1301 showing that Rudolf Wanner was an assessor at the court of Esslingen. Noteworthy Weiner genealogy members are composer Lazar Weiner, poet Hannah Weiner, former New York Representative Anthony Weiner, author and journalist Jennifer Weiner, and Rockstar energy drink creator Russell Weiner.

Weiner Birth Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
A Allan Weiner-- --, 1921May 10,1994IN
Baila Weiner-- --, 1904November ,1993NY
Cabel Weiner-- --, 1888May ,1974CA
Dagnija Weiner-- --, 1943December 11,2008IL

Weiner Death Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
Earl Weiner-- --, 1897August 10,1989Northbrook,IL
F Marie Weiner-- --, 1927September 4,2007Playa Del Rey,CA
Gabriel Weiner-- --, 1909August 2,2003Milford,OH
Hal Weiner-- --, 1912August 18,2006Los Angeles,CA

Weiner Marriage Records

NameSpouseMarriage DateLocation
Frederick WeinerFaye MitchellJune 18,1994Wake, NC
Gabriel WeinerKimberly SlaughterAugust 11,2001Harris, TX
Jeffrey WeinerLinda HowellMay 10,1980Wake, NC
Solomon WeinerSonja BeckhamDecember 19,1987Wake, NC

Most Common Surnames After Weiner

1337th: Khan1338th: Hager
1339th: Platt1340th: Kauffman
1341st: Espinoza1342nd: Buckner
1343rd: Cornell1344th: Snell
1345th: Bullard1346th: Adler

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