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Weir Genealogy & History

Weir comes from the Old Norse word ver, meaning fishing station, and later the Old English word wer, meaning weir or fish-trap. It may also refer to someone who lived near or on the Weir River in northern England. Alternate spellings are Wyer, Wyer, Weyer, Wyers, Vere, and Ver. Weir family history finds the first record of the name with Radulphus de Ver, who was taken prisoner in Alnwick, Scotland, between 1165 and 1214; later we find John de la Were in the 1273 Hundred Rolls of Oxford. John Wyer sailed to New Orleans in 1820. Weir genealogy includes three-time US figure skating champion Johnny Weir.

Weir Birth Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
A Frank Weir-- --, 1928August 13,2009NC
B Franklin Weir-- --, 1917December 5,2002NY
C Edith Weir-- --, 1921March 1,1990PA
Dail Weir-- --, 1927July 11,2002IN

Weir Death Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
E Joyce Weir-- --, 1928January 15,2005Laramie,WY
F Adele Weir-- --, 1926August 9,2007Pittsburgh,PA
Gabriel Weir-- --, 1881January ,1972Chicago Heights,IL
H Allen Weir-- --, 1924June 20,2002North Hollywood,CA

Weir Marriage Records

NameSpouseMarriage DateLocation
Alexander WeirJettie RicksNovember 1,1935Wake, NC
Brandon WeirJennie SlaterFebruary 26,2000Smith, TX
Christopher WeirMaria FernandezSeptember 7,2002Harris, TX
Darrell WeirJanet DavenportApril 14,2001Anderson, TX

Most Common Surnames After Weir

1420th: Bergman1421st: Eddy
1422nd: Sadler1423rd: Polk
1424th: Lilly1425th: Toth
1426th: McHugh1427th: Caruso
1428th: Kearney1429th: Engle

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