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Welch Genealogy & History

Welch is an Irish and Scottish surname derived from Old English "waelisc", meaning foreigner or stranger. Alternative derivations are Middle High German "walch" and Irish "breathnach". Originally "stranger" referred to Latins or Celts, but the meaning evolved during the Middle Ages to refer to the Welsh. This is the derivation of the pejorative "to welch" (on a bet). Welch genealogy likely traces back to brothers David and Philip Brenagh, who invaded Ireland with Strongbow in 1171, with name variations Brannagh, Walch, Walsh, Walshman, Wellish, and Welshe. Their motto, "transfixus sed non mortuus", means "transfixed but not dead". Notable American name-holders are Jack Welch, chairman of General Electric, and former first lady Laura Welch Bush.

Welch Birth Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
A Acey Welch-- --, 1912October 23,1994CA
B Bernadin Welch-- --, 1915December 21,2000IL
C Charles Welch-- --, 1930August 14,2007SD
D Dale Welch-- --, 1925April 15,1999MD

Welch Death Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
E Allan Welch-- --, 1929April 26,2000Watertown,NY
F Ray Welch-- --, 1916November 15,1995Porter,TX
G Antoinet Welch-- --, 1918May 4,2009Oceanside,CA
H Gale Welch-- --, 1924September 11,1995Atkins,VA

Welch Marriage Records

NameSpouseMarriage DateLocation
Albert WelchShirley WhiteApril 24,1953Wake, NC
Charles WelchL WatersMarch 20,1948Wake, NC
George WelchMary HybartMay 11,1945Wake, NC
John WelchElsie WallsJanuary 16,1937Wake, NC

Most Common Surnames After Welch

215th: Davidson216th: Newman
217th: Montgomery218th: Schwartz
219th: Dean220th: Austin
221st: Keller222nd: Day
223rd: May224th: Walters

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