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Weldon Genealogy & History

Weldon stems from pre-seventh-century Old English words waell and dun or dene, denoting a spring and a hill or a valley. The family coat of arms is a silver shield with a cinquefoil of red in the center and a silver lion in a band of red in the top third. Weldon family history mentions Geoffrey de Weldon in the Hundred Rolls as the first known recording of the name in Huntingdon, England, in 1273. Some members of the Weldon genealogy are Congressman David (Dave) Joseph Weldon and artist, activist, and secretary to Sitting Bull Catherine Weldon.

Weldon Birth Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
Aaron Weldon-- --, 1913September 7,1994AL
Barbara Weldon-- --, 1941November ,1985NY
Calvin Weldon-- --, 1916February 25,2007OH
Dahlari Weldon-- --, 1957February 10,2006OH

Weldon Death Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
E Durward Weldon-- --, 1923May 16,2006Georgetown,KY
Fallen Weldon-- --, 1917April 17,2000Thibodaux,LA
Gail Weldon-- --, 1942April 5,2010Denver,CO
Hairel Weldon-- --, 1920December ,1993Hollis,NY

Weldon Marriage Records

NameSpouseMarriage DateLocation
Albert WeldonMavis DebnamApril 13,1968Wake, NC
Bennie WeldonTemeka ArnoldOctober 22,2006Wake, NC
Clifton WeldonNina PettifordDecember 30,1995Wake, NC
Eric WeldonElizabeth ClementJanuary 28,2000Van Zandt, TX

Most Common Surnames After Weldon

2097th: Barrera2098th: Fairchild
2099th: Easley2100th: Cohn
2101st: Emmons2102nd: Pickens
2103rd: Belanger2104th: Rosa
2105th: Boles2106th: Dumas

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