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Weller Genealogy & History

Weller is an English and German name, first found in Kent, England, prior to the Norman Conquest. One derivation is from Old English wellan and Middle German wellen meaning to boil, indicating a cook or smelter, perhaps specifically a medieval salt-boiler. A second derivation from Old English wella, meaning well, indicates someone living near a spring or well. English Weller family history dates to feudal times in Kent where they owned estates and to 1679 in New England. The family motto is steady, and the greyhound on the crest signifies loyalty. Weller genealogy includes Pulitzer and Nobel Prize winners.

Weller Birth Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
A Wallace Weller-- --, 1911February 21,1991IA
Banks Weller-- --, 1906January ,1974PA
C Robert Weller-- --, 1915November 19,1998PA
Daisy Weller-- --, 1915October 3,2005MA

Weller Death Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
Earl Weller-- --, 1899July ,1981Norwich,NY
F Gray Weller-- --, 1915February 27,2004Kings Mills,OH
G Larue Weller-- --, 1926September 13,1997Westminster,MD
H Gayle Weller-- --, 1914July ,1987Parker,CO

Weller Marriage Records

NameSpouseMarriage DateLocation
Michael WellerJudith JacksonDecember 31,1997Wake, NC
William WellerJulie ParishAugust 27,2002San Jacinto, TX
Leonard WellerDebra HaggardNovember 19,1976Travis, TX
Keith WellerNancy HalsteadJune 8,1973Bell, TX

Most Common Surnames After Weller

1556th: Rock1557th: Ng
1558th: Thayer1559th: Aldrich
1560th: Maguire1561st: Burrell
1562nd: Roche1563rd: Aguirre
1564th: Michaels1565th: Langford

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