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Wells Genealogy & History

Wells is an English surname with several possible origins. Derived from Old English "Waella", meaning spring, it could refer to a person living near a spring (as could the variation Atwell), living near villages named Wells, or working at the village's spring (as could the variation Wellsman). In French, the name is Dupuis. Wells family history dates to the Norman Conquest in Lincolnshire, with supposed descent from Baron Gilbert de Ghent. American Wells genealogy dates to 1629 in Massachusetts. A noted name-holder is H. G. Wells, English science fiction writer. The black lion on the coat of arms symbolizes constancy and fierce courage.

Wells Birth Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
A Anita Wells-- --, 1918July 15,1991NJ
B Blanche Wells-- --, 1916May 8,1991OK
C Blick Wells-- --, 1920March 27,2003CA
D Irene Wells-- --, 1922September ,1984NY

Wells Death Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
E Buist Wells-- --, 1917January 28,1999Erie,PA
F Dale Wells-- --, 1916April 3,1999Albert Lea,MN
G Glen Wells-- --, 1896December ,1974Greenwood,SC
H Lucille Wells-- --, 1916November 7,1990Garnett,KS

Wells Marriage Records

NameSpouseMarriage DateLocation
Bert WellsMaude BarnesFebruary 25,1941Wake, NC
Donald WellsBrenda LewisAugust 18,1961Wake, NC
Paul WellsVirginia HillDecember 28,1931Wake, NC
Leon WellsElizabeth GerowOctober 7,1933Wake, NC

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