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Wenzel Genealogy & History

Wenzel is the germanization of the Czech name Vaclav. This itself came from two elements, vece (greater) and slav (glory), and the name was borne by a tenth-century Duke Wenceslas who fought a revival of paganism in Bohemia. Wenzel family history records many variants of the name including Wensel, Wenzel, Wentsel, Wentzel, Wensell, Ventzke, Ventske, Venceke, and Ventzel. The first recorded spelling of the family name was John Wenzell, dated April 27, 1766, St. Dunstan's, Stepney, London. Adolph Wensel, aged 36, settled in Philadelphia in 1736. Among members of the Wenzel genealogy are American cycling coach Rene Wenzel and Australian character actor Brian Wenzel.

Wenzel Birth Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
Aaro Wenzel-- --, 1941September 29,1998ND
Barbara Wenzel-- --, 1897May ,1982NY
Carl Wenzel-- --, 1921October ,1984CT
D Lorraine Wenzel-- --, 1925November 7,1993PA

Wenzel Death Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
Earel Wenzel-- --, 1926April ,1984Milwaukee,WI
Fay Wenzel-- --, 1933March 20,1994Tucson,AZ
Gail Wenzel-- --, 1907January 4,2005Sarasota,FL
H Joan Wenzel-- --, 1921May 9,2003Doylestown,PA

Wenzel Marriage Records

NameSpouseMarriage DateLocation
Anthony WenzelAlice SchlorttJuly 22,2000Harris, TX
Bradley WenzelLeigh ZachaMay 11,2002Rockwall, TX
Darrell WenzelAmanda MccallumJanuary 6,2001Travis, TX
Edwin WenzelNazreen RahamutSeptember 23,2000Travis, TX

Most Common Surnames After Wenzel

2282nd: Keefe2283rd: Rea
2284th: Linton2285th: Haywood
2286th: Gillette2287th: Reaves
2288th: Boland2289th: Seay
2290th: Bowser2291st: Aaron

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