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Werner is a German name dating back to the Middle Ages, when militaristic names were popular. Derived from Old German "warin", meaning guard, and "heri", meaning army, the given name was originally Warnier, with a French variation of Guernier and English Warner. Werner family history dates to medieval times at a Saxony dukedom. Branches of the family held estates near Hanover, at Trebitsch in Silesia and Tolitz in Pomerania. The Werner motto, "Non nobis tantum nati," means "We are not born for ourselves alone." American Werner genealogy dates to the early 1700s in New York. Swiss chemist Alfred Werner, Nobel Prize winner, is a noted name-holder.

Werner Birth Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
A Edward Werner-- --, 1926September 16,1996KS
Bamby Werner-- --, 1930October 20,2009OH
C Arthur Werner-- --, 1926December 20,2002PA
D Margueri Werner-- --, 1908March 20,2000MD

Werner Death Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
Ealdritha Werner-- --, 1909February 20,2001Grand Island,FL
F Andrew Werner-- --, 1918July ,1985Brooklyn,NY
G Albert Werner-- --, 1915April ,1982New Oxford,PA
H Blake Werner-- --, 1917July 13,2002Columbia,SC

Werner Marriage Records

NameSpouseMarriage DateLocation
Dale WernerLois SeefeldtAugust 20,1955Wake, NC
Robert WernerBonnie LottMay 25,1959Wake, NC
John WernerPamela MichaudAugust 6,1988Wake, NC
William WernerPhyllis GrimmJanuary 31,1943Wake, NC

Most Common Surnames After Werner

689th: Meadows690th: Moon
691st: Schmitt692nd: Hardin
693rd: Sellers694th: Fry
695th: Ware696th: House
697th: Durham698th: Woodard

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