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Wetzel Genealogy & History

Wetzel is a German surname originating in Silesia and Bohemia. Based on the German name Wenzel, which is a pet name for the Middle High German Wenze (itself taken from Old Czech Veceslav), it is composed of vece (greater) and slav (glory). Veceslav was the name of the patron saint of Bohemia, fighter of paganism. Spelling variations in Wetzel genealogy include Fenzl, Wanzel, Weczel, Weczold, Wetzlaw, Wetzold, Wetzler, Wetz, and Wenceslas (anglicized Veceslav). American Wetzel family history began in Philadelphia in 1731 and includes American baseball player Donald Wetzel, co-owner of the automated teller machine patent. The Wetzel coat of arms' lion with flaming cannonballs signifies military courage.

Wetzel Birth Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
A Pearl Wetzel-- --, 1927June 9,2008SD
Barbara Wetzel-- --, 1910May 14,1988NY
C Dale Wetzel-- --, 1910June 27,1988MI
Dagmar Wetzel-- --, 1909September ,1995WI

Wetzel Death Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
E Althea Wetzel-- --, 1925May 19,1992Knox,PA
F Murle Wetzel-- --, 1922November 8,1996Middlebourne,WV
Galloway Wetzel-- --, 1928December 15,1993Virginia Beach,VA
H David Wetzel-- --, 1948July 31,1992Evansville,IN

Wetzel Marriage Records

NameSpouseMarriage DateLocation
Alan WetzelNancy SkeltonJuly 9,1966Dallas, TX
Glendon WetzelJacqueline DavisOctober 30,2000Tarrant, TX
Timothy WetzelLisa MunnsApril 21,1990Wake, NC
Steven WetzelDale ColegroveJune 24,1990Wake, NC

Most Common Surnames After Wetzel

1744th: Wilkes1745th: Cheng
1746th: Stoner1747th: Stapleton
1748th: Hawk1749th: Prescott
1750th: Rivas1751st: Grover
1752nd: Overton1753rd: Varner

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