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Whalen Genealogy & History

Whalen genealogy is Irish and extends back before the tenth century. The name is one of the two common anglicizations of the ancient name O Faolain (the other being Phelan). Whalen is common in southeastern Ireland, especially Counties Kilkenny and Waterford, and the name is the seventy-ninth most common in Ireland. O Faolain means a descendant of Faolain, a name which means wolf or young wolf. Alternate spellings include Wheelan, Whelehan, and Weallan (as well as versions of Phelan, such as Fyland). Whalen family history includes Canadian sportscaster Ed Whalen and American politician John S. Whalen.

Whalen Birth Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
A Claudine Whalen-- --, 1928December 11,2008VA
Bambina Whalen-- --, 1908October 25,2001NY
Calvin Whalen-- --, 1939March 14,1996MD
Daisy Whalen-- --, 1918July ,1993NJ

Whalen Death Records

NameBirth DateDeath DateLocation
E Kenneth Whalen-- --, 1922March 4,2002Covington,KY
Faith Whalen-- --, 1920October ,1964Newport,NH
Gail Whalen-- --, 1915July 31,1998Portland,OR
Hallie Whalen-- --, 1908November ,1994Covington,KY

Whalen Marriage Records

NameSpouseMarriage DateLocation
Andrew WhalenAlicia BennettOctober 12,2002Wake, NC
Robert WhalenKaren BraunerOctober 23,1953Wake, NC
Patrick WhalenDorothy CrothamelJanuary 10,1968Wake, NC
John WhalenNancy KingJanuary 5,1980Wake, NC

Most Common Surnames After Whalen

1105th: Ratliff1106th: Kurtz
1107th: Robison1108th: Grace
1109th: De Witt1110th: Maher
1111th: Crabtree1112th: Trujillo
1113th: Pollock1114th: Coffman

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